Reading List

Reading List

A beginner's guide to DeFi - Linda Xie
Linda Xie
Nexus Mutual NXM Token Explainer
Hugh Karp
Tokenizing Yourself is the Final Frontier… of Stupidity
Flatout Crypto
Personal TokensStrategy
Why Crypto Community Building Matters
Spencer Noon
Crypto Community Building Playbook
Spencer Noon
Incentivising participation and growth in communities (using crypto-economics)
David Truong
"The Sovereign Individual" Investment Thesis
Phil Bonello
BitcoinToken EconomicsResearchMarkets
The Bitcoin Second Layer. The Lightning Network Reference Rate
Nik Bhatia
The Bitcoin Risk Spectrum. Bitcoin is already a reserve asset.
Nik Bhatia
BitcoinMarketsCrypto-Asset ValuationDataResearch
Bitcoin bites the bullet. Some of its most puzzling tradeoffs
Nic Szabo
BitcoinMarketsCrypto-Asset ValuationToken Economics
Formalizing and Securing Relationships on Public Networks
Nick Szabo
Crypto-Asset ValuationBitcoinSecurity
An Efficient-Markets Valuation Framework for Cryptoassets using Black-Scholes Option Theory
Johnny Antos
Crypto-Asset ValuationMarketsData
MyCrypto’s Security Guide For Dummies And Smart People Too |
Taylor Manohan
The Founder’s Guide to Markets
Erik Torenberg
The Periodic Table of Blockchain - CoinDesk
GuideToken Economics
What 15 Years of Y Combinator Investments Can Teach Us About Startups
Eric Feng
How 1970s Oil Prices, Stagflation, Changed the U.S. Economy - Bloomberg
A Retrospective on Filecoin's Launch | Messari
Mira Christanto
StrategyProduct Launch
Ten Theses on Decentralized Network Governance
Mario Laul
StrategyResearchMarketsToken EconomicsStartups
A Crash Course in Mechanism Design for Cryptoeconomic Applications
StrategyToken EconomicsCrypto-Asset Valuation
Rescuing Schrodinger’s Cat in DeFi Dark Forest
Governance Overhaul and Future Rewards - Proposals / Discussion -
The Political Theology of Crypto - Crypto Sovereignty
The holy grail: Off-chain polling with on-chain execution
GovernanceProduct Launch
Alameda Research Co-Leads $1.8M Seed Round for DeFi Protocol Linear Finance
Fund Raise AnnouncementVCMarkets
Introducing Goldfinch: Crypto Loans Without Collateral
Mike Sall
Product LaunchStrategy
v4 Beta Liquidity Mining. Another week has passed and a new… | by Cream Finance | Cream Finance | Aug, 2020 | Medium
Product Launch
Growing DeFi with the help of professional market makers | by Blake Henderson | Aug, 2020 | 0x Blog
Product Launch
How Lien FairSwap works - A Guide - New DeFi Projects - Alpha DeFi
Product Launch
Will Chainlink’s Integration With E&Y And Microsoft Backed Baseline Make Ethereum Enterprise Ready?
Product LaunchStrategyMarkets
Inside Rarible: The Red-Hot Ethereum NFT Marketplace
Product LaunchStrategyMarkets
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to NEAR. Intro to the Near Protocol, its smart… | by Cryptium Labs | Cryptium Labs | Sep, 2020 | Medium
Product LaunchGovernanceResearch
SnowSwap: Bringing Liquidity to Stablecoin Yield Farming | by Snowman | SnowSwap | Sep, 2020 | Medium
Product Launch
An Analysis of Uniswap Markets
Tarun Chitra
ResearchDataCrypto-Asset Valuation
The Store of Value Thesis.
Qiao Wang
ResearchMarketsCrypto-Asset Valuation
New Models for Utility Tokens
Kyle Samani
Information Asymmetry in Crypto
Jonathan Joseph
ResearchMarketsCrypto-Asset ValuationToken Economics
Bitcoin Data Science (Pt. 2): The Geology of Lost Coins - Unchained Capital
Dhruv Bansal
Fast Follower Forks in DeFi - Synthesis
DeFi Doesn't Need to Go Mainstream - Synthesis
August 2020 Report Into Cryptocurrency Exchanges (From CryptoCompare) | BitMEX Blog
The Basis Cash Stability Mechanism (One Pager) - HackMD
ResearchToken Economics
Organic Growth in DeFi. The growth in total value locked in… | by Vadym Nesterenko | Sep, 2020 | Medium
All digital content is going on-chain | by Jake Brukhman | Sep, 2020 | The CoinFund Blog
ResearchVCProduct LaunchFund Raise Announcement
Multicoin Capital: Trade-offs in the Decentralized BitMEX Space - Multicoin Capital
Inside KPMG, Deloitte, EY and PwC’s Plans for Blockchain and Crypto - Decrypt
Why I Believe in Bitcoin
The Empty Set Dollar: Premium Superfluid Collateral
ResearchToken EconomicsMarkets
On DeFi Frontends. Merging the Future of Finance with the… | by Zach Brown | BlockChannel | Aug, 2020 | Medium
Understanding Quantitative Easing
On Value Capture at Layers 1 and 2 - Multicoin Capital
The Defensibility of Middleware Protocols — Placeholder
Fire before Growth: The Likely Fate of Ethereum Killers — Placeholder
Chris Burniske
On Medium-of-Exchange Token Valuations
Vitalik Buterin
MarketsResearchCrypto-Asset Valuation
Why Stake When You Can Borrow | Tarun Chitra
Tarun Chitra
MarketsCrypto-Asset ValuationDeFi
Quick Guide to Smart Cryptoasset Valuation
Simona Vaitkune
MarketsResearchCrypto-Asset Valuation
Valuing Productive Cryptoassets
Phil Bonello
MarketsCrypto-Asset Valuation
How to Value Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies
Lyn Alden
MarketsResearchCrypto-Asset Valuation
How DeFi cannibalizes PoS security
Haseeb Qureshi
MarketsResearchToken EconomicsDeFiCrypto-Asset Valuation
Bitcoin Data Science (Pt. 1): HODL Waves - Unchained Capital
Dhruv Bansal
Bitcoin Has No Intrinsic Value — and That’s Great.
Conner Brown
MarketsResearchMacroeconomicsBitcoinCrypto-Asset Valuation
On Value, Velocity and Monetary Theory
Alex Evans
MarketsResearchCrypto-Asset Valuation
Crypto Investors Have Ignored Three Straight 51% Attacks on ETC - CoinDesk
How DeFi 'Degens' Are Gaming Ethereum's Money Legos - CoinDesk
Coin Metrics' State of the Network: Issue 66 - Coin Metrics' State of the Network
Cornering the Ethereum fee market | by Amber Group | Amber Group | Sep, 2020 | Medium
Born of Boom and Bust | Jason Zweig
The Crypto Money Flow Cycle
Return of Anonymous Hedge Fund Manager
Messari Q3 2020 Report
$1 million in NFT sales last week: What’s happening?
Inside KPMG, Deloitte, EY and PwC’s Plans for Blockchain and Crypto - Decrypt
Google, Internet Stocks and Ethereum | by Anthony Bertolino | Medium
How Bitcoin Correlations Drive the Narrative - CoinDesk
A Century of Fiscal and Monetary Policy: Inflation vs Deflation
Beyond the Blockchain: Full DAO Value Discovery by DeepDAO - 🔆 Community / CF Pilot - Aragon Community Forum
MarketsToken EconomicsProduct Launch
Protocol Fees in the 0x Protocol
Will Warren
Token EconomicsCrypto-Asset ValuationResearch
DeFi Citadels: How DeFi Protocols Create and Capture Value
Ryan Watkins
Token EconomicsResearchStrategy
FOSS Governance and Blockchain Networks
Mario Laul
Token EconomicsCrypto-Asset Valuation
Blockchain Networks Are Bureaucracies Par Excellence
Mario Laul
Token EconomicsCrypto-Asset Valuation
Resource Distribution and Power Dynamics in Decentralized Networks
Mario Laul
Token EconomicsMarketsResearchCrypto-Asset Valuation
The trillion dollar case for ETH (Full) - Bankless- Lucas Campbell
Lucas Campbell
Token Economics
The Discount Token model. A small intro to my favorite utility… | by Julien Genestoux | Medium
Julien Genestoux
Token Economics
A discount token based loyalty program
Julien Genestoux
Token Economics
Elrond’s Design Rationale.
Felix Crisan
Token Economics
Ether is the Best Model for Money the World has Ever Seen: David Hoffman - The Defiant
David Hoffman
Token EconomicsMarketsMacroeconomicsCrypto-Asset Valuation
The Fundamentals of Discount Tokens | by Alex Felix
Alex Felix
Token Economics
Economics back into Cryptoeconomics
Akseli Virtanen
Token Economics
Token Supply 101: Fundamentals of token supply — and monetary policy
Adrien Berthou
Token Economics
The Web3 Sustainability Loop. A system design for long-term growth of… | by Trent McConaghy | Sep, 2020 | Ocean Protocol
Token EconomicsData
Ocean Datatokens: From Money Legos to Data Legos | by Trent McConaghy | Sep, 2020 | Ocean Protocol
Token EconomicsData
Understanding Arca’s Request for Change at Gnosis (GNO)
Token EconomicsMarketsResearch
The Potential for Bonding Curves and Nexus Mutual
Token EconomicsCrypto-Asset ValuationDeFiStrategySecurityGovernance
Cryptocurrencies - What is the fair value of a currency?
Token EconomicsMarketsCrypto-Asset Valuation
The Alchemy of Hashpower, Part I. — Anicca Research अनिच्चा
Token EconomicsResearchSecurity
The Alchemy of Hashpower, Part II. — Anicca Research अनिच्चा
Token EconomicsResearchSecurity
On The Flipside | Flipside Crypto
Token EconomicsMarketsData
why market-make on chain by Kyber
Token EconomicsMarketsProduct Launch
10 Insights That Helped Me Level Up as a Seed Stage VC - Part 2
Shawn Xu
10 Insights That Helped Me Level Up as a Seed Stage VC — Part 1
Shawn Xu
Metacartel Whitepaper
Peter Pan
The Dynamics of Network Effects - Andreessen Horowitz
Li Jin
The Case for the Fat Startup - Andreessen Horowitz
Andreessen Horrowitz
Fair Launches Will Disrupt Crypto VC - Synthesis
VCToken Economics
Venture Capital Is Not Built For Outsiders - Forward Thinking Newsletter
Venture capital is a hell of a drug | TechCrunch
It's Not a Venture Bubble (With Charts!) | Whiskey Picnic
Curvature and market making | Tarun Chitra
Tarun Chitra
Constant Function Market Makers | Tarun Chitra
Tarun Chitra
Are Bitcoin Bubbles Predictable? Combining a Generalized Metcalfe’s Law and the LPPLS Model
Spencer Wheatley
Taking undercollateralized loans for fun and for profit - Sam Czun
Sam Czun
Automated Interest Rate Swaps - Rho by Max Wolff
Max Wolff
Quantitative Analysis of Smart Contracts
Krishnendu Chatterjee
Thin Applications — Placeholder / Joel Monegro
Joel Monegro
Constant Function Market Makers: DeFi’s “Zero to One” Innovation | by Dmitriy Berenzon | Dmitriy Berenzon
Dmitriy Berenzon
How Not To Critique Ethereum. A Handy Guide For Bitcoiners | by Daniel Goldman | The Abacus Crypto Journal
Daniel Goldman
Emerging Revenue Models in DeFi. A look into how DeFi projects are… | by Cooper Turley | Fitzner Blockchain Consulting | Medium
Cooper Turley
The Crypto Price-Innovation Cycle - Andreessen Horowitz
Chris Dixon
Stability for the Blockchain: Deleveraging Spirals and Stablecoin Attacks | | Andreea Minca
Andrea Minca
Startup Growth and Venture Returns - Abraham Othman
Abhraham Othman
NFTs and a Thousand True Fans - Andreessen Horowitz
NFT Issuance Landscape — Mirror
Valuation Divergence in DeFi:Narrative or Data Matters? | by llamacorn | Medium
January 2021 Guide to Tokenized Art Permanence and Provenance
Making the Case for Decentralization Transparency | by Daniel Hwang | stakefish | Medium
Decentralized Finance, Centralized Ownership? An Iterative Mapping Process to Measure Protocol Token Distribution
Multicoin Capital: The DeFi Stack - Multicoin Capital
Feedback Control as a New Primitive for DeFi | by Hsien-Tang Kao | Gauntlet | Medium
A Basic Primer on Dynamic Portfolio Management – Kevin Sekniqi – Random thoughts. Mostly memoryless.
The Future of Crypto-Powered Finance and DeFi | Linen Blog
Platform Liquidity: Why Economic Incentives Matter | by Sameer Singh |
The corruption of defi in 2020. I decided to publish this anonymously… | by crypto_angel | Medium
Automated Governance: DeFi’s scientific evolution 🧪 | by Tarun Chitra | Gauntlet | Medium
[2002.08099] The Decentralized Financial Crisis
Things I wish I knew before building Ethereum #DeFi dapps | by Andre Cronje | | Medium
Thin Applications — Placeholder
Decentralized Finance Explained – Yos Riady · Software Craftsman
The DETH of Ethereum. How DeFi Will Centralize Staking | by Dan Elitzer | IDEO CoLab | Medium
Illiquidity and Bank Run Risk in Defi | by alethio | Alethio | Medium
A Guide to Understanding ETH as an Investment | by Celia Wan | Dragonfly Research | Jun, 2021 | Medium
Layers (not eras) of blockchain computing -Jesse Walden
Is the Risk/Reward worth it on Crypto Lending? | by Hassen Naas | Naas Capital | Medium
The Rise of Digital Money - IMF
A complete guide to using MetaMask (updated version) | by | Publica | Medium
Decentralized Finance: On Blockchain- and Smart Contract-Based Financial Markets | St. Louis Fed
Why we need wide adoption of social recovery wallets
Fighting to be STABLE: the Evolution of Stablecoins | by Haseeb Qureshi | Dragonfly Research | Medium
The Emergence of Circles UBI: Learnings and Lessons | by Circles UBI Project | Circles UBI | Medium
Governance Minimization — Fred Ehrsam
A Deep Dive Into Flow: The Blockchain for Open Worlds
Deeper dive into Ethereum 2.0: Part 2 | by JK | stakefish | stakefish | Medium
Deeper dive into Ethereum 2.0: Part 1 | by JK | stakefish | stakefish | Medium
A comprehensive analysis on DEX liquidity aggregators’ performance | by Fulvia | 0x Blog
Ethereum: The Digital Finance Stack | by David Hoffman | POV Crypto | Medium
A Comparison of Decentralized Options Platforms | by Ryan Tian | Coinmonks | Medium
An end to blockchain escapism. Or: why DeFi is a vacation, and how we… | by Tor Bair | Medium
Cryptonetwork Governance as Capital — Placeholder
An end to blockchain escapism. Or: why DeFi is a vacation, and how we… | by Tor Bair | Medium
Beginner’s Guide to (Getting Rekt by) Impermanent Loss | by Nate Hindman | Bancor
Building in #DeFi sucks. Not a sensationalist title, honestly it… | by Andre Cronje | Medium
Introduction to the Flash Loan Pattern and its security considerations - General / Guides and Tutorials - OpenZeppelin Community
Will the Next Empire be Built With Tokens? | by Cathy Tao | beyond hype | Medium
Five New Frontiers for NFTs. Art is the tip of the iceberg and we… | by Maria Shen | Electric Capital | May, 2021 | Medium
In search for stability in crypto-assets: are stablecoins the solution?
Electric Capital Developer Report (H1 2019) | by Electric Capital | Electric Capital | Medium
How Lending Pool Interest Rates actually work | by Tian Li | Hydro Protocol | Medium
SMARTPOOL: Practical Decentralized Pooled Mining
Flash Boys 2.0: Frontrunning, Transaction Reordering, and Consensus Instability in Decentralized Exchanges
The Lightning Network for Dummies: Part 2 | by Eric Olszewski | BlockChannel | Medium
The Lightning Network for Dummies: Part 1 | by Eric Olszewski | BlockChannel | Medium
Generalized Mining: the LPs perspective | by David Fauchier | Cambrial Capital | Medium
DeFi Liquidity Models — Placeholder
Chasing fake volume: a crypto-plague | by Sylvain Ribes | Medium
Cryptocurrencies + S&P 500 = Alpha ? | by Eloise | The CryptoCurious | Medium
A Look Back at the World’s First Cold Storage, Ethereum Multi-Sig Wallet… | by Mason | Tokensoft | Medium
Maker (MKR) Valuation Fundamentals — The case for Trillion Dollar Maker | by Andrew Kang | Medium
Arbitraging Inefficient Markets: Building a Trading Strategy on Correlations | by Alex Woodard | Medium
Decentralized Finance Is a Continuum | by Sean Lippel | Medium
On the defensibility of profit and equity - Uncommon Core by Su Zhu and Hasu
Risks and Returns of Cryptocurrency
Doubly-efficient zkSNARKs without trusted setup
Liberal Radicalism: A Flexible Design For Philanthropic Matching Funds by Vitalik Buterin, Zoë Hitzig, E. Glen Weyl :: SSRN
[1803.05663] Are Bitcoin Bubbles Predictable? Combining a Generalized Metcalfe's Law and the LPPLS Model
Egalitarian Society or Benevolent Dictatorship: The State of Cryptocurrency Governance
[1809.09044] Fraud and Data Availability Proofs: Maximising Light Client Security and Scaling Blockchains with Dishonest Majorities
PolyShard: Coded Sharding Achieves Linearly Scaling Efficiency and Security Simultaneously
[1809.07307] A Game-Theoretic Analysis of Shard-Based Permissionless Blockchains
Zexe: Enabling Decentralized Private Computation
A Regulatory Classification of Digital Assets: Toward an Operational Howey Test for Cryptocurrencies, ICOs, and Other Digital Assets by M. Todd Henderson, Max Raskin :: SSRN
Toward a Factor Structure in Crypto Asset Returns by Jiasun Li, Guanxi Yi :: SSRN
A Fistful of Bitcoins: Characterizing Pay
page_count_crypto_analysis/wp_ico_final.pdf at master · PLBMR/page_count_crypto_analysis · GitHub
2nd Global Cryptoasset Benchmarking Study - CCAF publications - Cambridge Judge Business School
Initial Coin Offerings and the Value of Crypto Tokens by Christian Catalini, Joshua S. Gans :: SSRN
[1809.07468] Compounding of Wealth in Proof-of-Stake Cryptocurrencies
On Value, Velocity and Monetary Theory | by Alex Evans | BlockChannel | Medium
The Store of Value Thesis. Written by Qiao Wang and Dan McArdle | by Qiao Wang | Messari Crypto | Medium
Valuing Cryptoassets from the Ground Up | by Mike Sall | Medium
Valuing Productive Cryptoassets | Hacker Noon
Valuing Cryptoassets from the Ground Up | by Mike Sall | Medium
The Next Step in Cryptoasset Valuation | by HASH CIB | HASH CIB | Medium
The Crypto J-Curve. As the cryptoasset markets develop… | by Chris Burniske | Medium
Quantifying Decentralization. We must be able to measure blockchain… | by Balaji S. Srinivasan |
On Medium-of-Exchange Token Valuations
Economics back into Cryptoeconomics | by Akseli Virtanen | econaut | Medium
Cryptoasset Valuations. Recently, an increasing number of… | by Chris Burniske | Medium
Bitcoin Market-Value-to-Realized-Value (MVRV) Ratio | by David Puell | Medium
Bitcoin & Ethereum: Prices are Down More than the Fundamentals | by Chris Burniske | Medium
An Efficient-Markets Valuation Framework for Cryptoassets using Black-Scholes Option Theory | by Johnny Antos | Blockchain Advisory Group | Medium
A deductive valuation framework for cryptocurrencies | by Alexander Liegl | Medium
A deductive valuation framework for cryptocurrencies | by Alexander Liegl | Medium
I built these 3 fundamental valuation models for Bitcoin in Excel. Details in the comment. : CryptoCurrency
Multicoin Capital: Understanding Token Velocity - Multicoin Capital
The difference between App Coins and Protocol Tokens | by Will Warren | 0x Blog
On the immaturity of tokenized value capture mechanisms | by Felipe | Paratii | Medium
TCRs Are Not Work Tokens. In this post I aim to convince the… | by Moshe Praver | Good Audience
On Governance: Coordination, Layers, and Structural Integrity | by Rocco | Alpine Intel | Medium
Against on-chain governance. Refuting (and rebuking) Fred Ehrsam’s… | by Vlad Zamfir | Medium
Understanding Discount Token Models for Blockchain Projects | by Clayton Roche | Medium
Towards a Practice of Token Engineering | by Trent McConaghy | Ocean Protocol
The Token Classification Framework: A multi-dimensional tool for understanding and classifying crypto tokens. – Untitled INC
The Fundamentals of Discount Tokens | by Alex Felix | The CoinFund Blog
New Models for Utility Tokens - Multicoin Capital
A Crash Course in Mechanism Design for Cryptoeconomic Applications | by BlockChannel | BlockChannel | Medium
Tokens 2.0: Curved Token Bonding in Curation Markets | by Simon de la Rouviere | Medium
Superfluid Collateral in Open Finance | by Dan Elitzer | Token Economy
Front-running, Griefing and the Perils of Virtual Settlement (Part 2) | by Will Warren | 0x Blog
Front-running, Griefing and the Perils of Virtual Settlement (Part 1) | by Will Warren | 0x Blog
Why Decentralization Matters. We’ve forgotten there’s a better way to… | by Chris Dixon | OneZero
Why Consumers Will Love the Decentralized Web | by blake west | | Medium
How can Cryptographic Proofs Provide a Guarantee of Financial Solvency? - Coin Center
DeFi vs Fintech. It seems most people haven’t fully… | by Tobia De Angelis | Token Economy
Blockchain Governance. Hi, this is Peter Zeitz, research… | by Peter Zeitz | 0x Blog
We can't all be friends: crypto and the psychology of mass movements - by Tony Sheng - Stuffed Blocks
Multicoin Capital: The Helium Flywheel - Multicoin Capital
Aggregation Theory Applied to DeFi - Deribit Insights
The Rise of Stablecoins - Coin Metrics
Multicoin Capital: On Forking DeFi Protocols - Multicoin Capital
Multicoin Capital: Trust Spectrum - Multicoin Capital
Multicoin Capital | March 12: The Day Crypto Market Structure Broke (Part 2) - Multicoin Capital
Multicoin Capital | March 12: The Day Crypto Markets Broke (Part 1) - Multicoin Capital
Rise of the Cryptodollar - by Ryan Sean Adams - Bankless
A crypto banking reality check - by Nic Carter - Bankless
Unbundling Vectors Of Centralization In Web3 - Multicoin Capital
The Governance Security Module (GSM)
Introducing: Network Value to Aggregate Fee Ratio (NVAFR) | by Matteo Leibowitz | Medium
ETH 2.0 Economics - Take Two - Google Sheets
Aggregation Theory Applied to DeFi - Deribit Insights
Why Ether is Valuable. “The Ethereum network could function… | by Anthony Sassano | EthHub | Medium
Multicoin Capital: On Forking DeFi Protocols - Multicoin Capital
The Year in Ethereum 2019. by Josh Stark & Evan Van Ness | by Josh Stark | Medium
Why Decentralization Isn't as Important as You Think - haseeb qureshi
Multicoin Capital: Trust Spectrum - Multicoin Capital
Reflections of a Monetary Maximalist
Rise of the Cryptodollar - Bankless
Introducing: Network Value to Aggregate Fee Ratio (NVAFR) | by Matteo Leibowitz | Medium
The past controls the future - SVRGN
The Price-to-Store of Value (P/SoV) Ratio | by Aenigma Capital | Medium
(PDF) The conceptual and empirical relationship between gambling, investing, and speculation
TarunChitra-AlgorithmicTradingandTokenEconomics-CESSummit19.pdf - Google Drive
Seeking Uniform Valuation for Crypto (part I) | by HASH CIB | HASH CIB | Medium
Introducing Continuous Organizations | by thibauld | | Medium
[1804.05916] Bitcoin market route to maturity? Evidence from return fluctuations, temporal correlations and multiscaling effects
Futility Tokens: A utility-based post-mortem | by Rocco | Token Economy
$250 Trillion in Debt: the World’s Post-Lehman Legacy
Quantifying Decentralization. We must be able to measure blockchain… | by Balaji S. Srinivasan |
Musings on Markets: The Bitcoin Boom: Asset, Currency, Commodity or Collectible?
Turkey’s Financial Crisis Surprised Many. Except This Analyst. - The New York Times
Media Coverage of Bitcoin Is Still a Total Disaster | by Nic Carter | Medium
Handshake, ENS and Decentralized Naming Services Explained | by Imran Khan | Token Daily | Medium
Rethinking Metcalfe’s Law applications to cryptoasset valuation | by Dmitry Kalichkin | Cryptolab Capital | Medium
Ether as a Store of National Security | by Cuy Sheffield | Token Economy
Why money has value and spending Bitcoin is senseless | by Fernando Ulrich | Medium
The Crypto War of 2018: Mercenary Vs Missionary | by Brayton Williams | Medium
Multicoin Capital: Understanding Token Velocity - Multicoin Capital
The False Dichotomy of Utility and Store of Value | by Qiao Wang | Medium
The Web3 Stack - Multicoin Capital
Fundamental Valuation Approaches: DCF | by Aenigma Capital | Medium
Thoughts on Free Companies. This week, Jill Carlson published a… | by Tim Beiko | Medium
Bitcoin Bloodbath Nears Dot-Com Levels as Many Tokens Go to Zero - Bloomberg
Crypto Coin Tether Defies Logic on Kraken’s Market, Raising Red Flags
Estimating cryptocurrency transaction demand elasticity from natural experiments - Economics - Ethereum Research
How Many Cryptocurrencies Are Simply Following the Market? | Hacker Noon
The Economic Limits of Bitcoin and the Blockchain
Merkle Air-Drops: Make Love, Not War | by RicMoo | RicMoo
On the Network Effects of Stores of Value - Multicoin Capital
What’s Wrong with Cryptoasset Valuation Models Today? | by Qiao Wang | Medium
Unenumerated: Money, blockchains, and social scalability
Why We Shouldn’t ”Tokenize the World” | by Conor Witt | Noteworthy - The Journal Blog
The Security Token Thesis | Hacker Noon
What Makes Crypto Protocols Valuable? | Hacker Noon
The Security Token Thesis | Hacker Noon
The Redemptive Greed That Will Drive Decentralization & Generalized State Channels Part 1 | by Karen Scarbrough | BlockChannel | Medium
Natural vs Artificial Money and why Bitcoin is the greatest thing to happen for alternative energy. | by Melik Manukyan | Medium
Complete guide to Proof of Stake – Ethereum’s latest proposal & Vitalik Buterin interview | BitMEX Blog